Meet Farmer John

John Bos, Founder of Dutch Hollow Farms

John Bos, Founder of Dutch Hollow Farms

Dutch Hollow Farms was started in the early 2000s by John Bos. His parents, John "Hans" and Alice "Alie" Bos, immigrated in 1959 from Holland to Artesia, California, which was a far cry from the cold, wet weather of Holland. Upon arriving in California, his father worked milking cows for other dairy farmers. He eventually partnered with another Dutch dairyman, and moved his family to Chino, CA. During this time, his mom stayed busy raising four boys, while developing a love for gardening. She tried to grow everything, whether it was indoors or out.

His parents hard work paid off, and they were able to buy and move the dairy to Modesto, California in 1982. As the youngest of four boys, John was just 11 years old when they moved. His parents built a home, and his mom planted the entire yard herself. Being Dutch, his mom always had a fondness for the tulip. She would always plant hundreds of tulips each year. Everyone always wanted to know how she was able to grow them in a foreign climate, compared to Holland.

Growing tulips began as a fun, family activity. The Bos Family would give them to friends and wait for their reactions. A few common reactions were: "these are just so beautiful and big" and "mine never turn out like this." We always thanked them for the complements and replied, "...must be all the cow manure we put in the soil!" For us, this was actually not far from the truth.

Following this tradition, John began growing tulips for himself. He started planting several hundred bulbs with several varieties. Dutch Hollow Farms now plants thousands of bulbs with many varieties.

We learn something new each day out in the field about growing tulips in California. Our goal is to provide you with top quality tulips!